Are Golf Balls Safe for Dogs? 4 Things To Consider!

Are golf balls safe for dogs

Dogs will chase anything you throw at them, from a ball to a stick or toy. In other words, they love playing fetch. But can dogs play with golf balls? 

Today, we’ll look at that and find out if golf balls are safe for dogs.

Are Golf Balls Safe For Dogs?

No, golf balls are not safe for any kind of dog. Because the choking hazards and the risk of chipped pieces make them dangerous for your pet. Moreover, golf balls contain chemicals that can harm dogs.

As a matter of fact, dogs of medium and large sizes are more likely to swallow golf balls or choke on them. Also, dogs chewing on golf balls could potentially damage their teeth.

As you can see, there are many reasons why dogs should stay away from golf balls. Later on, we will discuss each in more detail.

Now, let me be crystal clear. Are golf balls dangerous for dogs? The answer is yes, golf balls are indeed dangerous for dogs.

Be careful if you take your dog along while playing mini golf or swinging at a nearby golf course.

Dog eats golf balls
Golf balls are unsafe for dogs.

Can Dogs Play With Golf Balls?

Dogs should not play with golf balls for safety reasons. However, there is a constant debate over whether dogs should play with golf balls.

We sometimes see dogs playing with golf balls in photos or videos. But even then, we should keep the golf balls away from our loving dogs.

Because there have been many instances where dogs swallowed golf balls. As I write this article, I’m reminded of one such incident.

Can A Dog Swallow A Golf Ball?

Yes, a dog can swallow a golf ball. Let me share a real story with you.

Every day, a Springador (springer spaniel-labrador mix) would walk with its owner to a nearby golf course. There he occasionally played with golf balls in his mouth.

The dog once became quite ill and stayed like that for several days. He was then X-rayed for treatment and found to have golf balls in his abdomen.

Ultimately, five golf balls were surgically removed from his stomach. Thank goodness the dog recovered fully.

What to do if your dog swallowed a golf ball? In that case, nothing can be done except surgery. Your dog would suffer greatly, and you would have to bear a high cost. Clearly, it will be a nightmare for you if your dog swallows a golf ball unexpectedly.

Why Are Golf Balls Not Safe For Dogs?

There’s no point in letting dogs play with golf balls. In some cases, they can even be deadly for your puppy.

Here are a few reasons why playing with golf balls is unsafe for dogs.

  • Possibility of choking and swallowing
  • Risk of toxic chemicals
  • Chips and pieces of golf balls
  • Damage to the teeth

Continue reading our blog post to learn details.

Can dogs play with golf balls
Don’t let your dog play with golf balls.

1. Possibility Of Choking And Swallowing

Choking is perhaps the biggest concern before letting your dog play with golf balls. Earlier, I mentioned that bigger dogs are at increased risk of choking. 

But does this mean that smaller dogs are at no risk? No, absolutely not. Also, there are other safety concerns that we’ll cover next. So keep your Pomeranian or Beagle away from golf balls.

When the ball is in the mouth, the dogs run fast and breathe heavily. And since golf balls are small in size, they can become lodged in the windpipe.

Besides choking, fetching with golf balls can lead to accidental swallowing. Because dogs jump into the air to catch the ball with their mouths wide open. But what if the ball is too large to swallow? 

Well, when the ball fails to pass through, it may get stuck in your puppy’s throat. The effects of which can be fatal within minutes.

2. Risk Of Toxic Chemicals

Golf balls are primarily made of rubber and plastic materials. Some of those materials can be harmful to your dog’s health. 

For instance, golf balls are coated with a thermoplastic resin known as Surlyn. And some of those use an artificial crystalline compound called Urethane, which is also found in pesticides.

As you are aware, these can be toxic for dogs. Therefore, prolonged exposure to these elements can lead to numerous health problems.

Furthermore, golf balls typically contain zinc oxide, polybutadiene, benzoyl peroxide, and polyurethane. Chemicals such as these can also cause allergic reactions in dogs.

3. Chips And Pieces Of Golf Balls

A few pieces may come off when a dog keeps chewing on the golf ball. Trust me, this can also be dangerous for your pet.

Your dog may swallow some pieces that pass through its intestines and enter its digestive system. Sometimes, large pieces may become lodged in the intestines.

Aside from that, if the pieces are hard or sharp, they can potentially hurt the esophagus of dogs. That would not be pleasant for your little friend.

4. Damage To The Teeth

Golf balls can cause damage to dog teeth. Usually, there are two ways this happens. Let me explain.

Firstly, a golf ball contains fiberglass and which is similar to sandpaper. For this reason, your pet’s teeth can be damaged by this material at an early age. 

Secondly, golf balls are much harder than other dog toys. So, jumping and catching a ball floating in the air can also damage teeth.

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How To Keep Your Dog Away From Golf Balls?

We must now realize that golf balls are not safe for dogs. So if you are a pet lover and a golf enthusiast, then you need to be careful.

It is normal for golfers to have many golf balls at home. The question is, how can they keep their dogs away from golf balls?

Let’s talk about some possible solutions.

Dogs and golf balls
Keep your dog away from golf balls.

1. Avoid Golf Balls

Your dog may have already played with golf balls many times before and had no problems. But that doesn’t guarantee there will be no trouble in the future.

So the simple rule of thumb is to avoid playing with golf balls with your dog. This will protect the dog’s teeth and health from the toxic chemicals in the golf ball.

2. Keep Your Golf Balls Hidden

Even though it sounds simple, it’s difficult to do so. Because something like a ball is really tough to hide from dogs, especially if your dog likes to play fetch.

Nonetheless, try to store golf balls out of your pet’s reach. It’ll prevent unwanted choking or swallowing.

Especially when you are not at home, it can be dangerous if your dog starts playing with a golf ball. So do not spread golf balls on the floor.

In case your dog manages to find the balls again, move them to a more secret place.

3. Look For Alternative Toys

Golf balls are not the only option when it comes to playing fetch with your dog. A variety of alternative toys are available, too. And your furry friend needs the right toy in any situation.

But if your dog’s favorite toy is a golf ball, then you can do one thing. Some dog toys are available on the market that are shaped like golf balls. You can try them. 

In addition, fetch discs are also a good alternative to golf balls. Simply put, no matter what toy you give the dog, make sure it is appropriate.

4. Try Another Activity Together

There are plenty of fun things you can do with your dog. So you can consider a few options to see which is the best fit for you two.

For example, take your dog for outdoor activities such as hiking or running. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

5. Prepare For An Emergency

Things can always go wrong, no matter how cautious you are. Therefore, make sure you have enough knowledge and understanding to react properly in an emergency.

Different types of dogs

Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs And Golf Balls

The following are some questions people have about dogs and golf balls. We hope the answers will be helpful to you.

Can I let my dog play with golf balls?

No, you should not let your dog play with golf balls. Because they are too small and relatively harder than other dog toys. As a result, your dog may choke on them. And the worst-case scenario is swallowing a golf ball. Furthermore, the materials and chemicals used in golf balls are not good for dogs’ teeth and health.

Can small dogs swallow a golf ball?

Smaller dogs are less likely to swallow golf balls than larger dogs. Despite this, dogs of any size should not be allowed to play with golf balls. Because if a dog accidentally swallows a golf ball, there is no way out except a surgical operation. So, keep pets away from golf balls.

Can dogs choke on small balls?

Yes, dogs can choke on small balls. Take golf balls, for example. They are quite risky for dogs to play with. So, it is better to avoid small balls since there are plenty of dog toys to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Some people believe golf balls are suitable for dogs, while others disagree. By avoiding these controversies, we would like to state clearly that golf balls can harm dogs. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments.

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