How To Clean A Golf Bag? – Deep Cleaning Tips

How to clean a golf bag?

Cleaning a golf bag may seem difficult to some. But in reality, it’s not that complicated.

Now, we’ll discuss how to wash a golf bag step by step. So the next time you decide to clean your bag, you’ll know exactly what to do.

After all, golf bags are fairly expensive to replace.

What Do You Need To Clean A Golf Bag?

You’ll need the following things to wash your golf bag. Most of them are required, and the rest are optional.

  • Water sources such as a tap or hose (recommended)
  • Portable vacuum cleaner (optional) or dry Rags 
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Stain remover
  • Washcloths
  • A soft brush (optional)

How To Clean A Golf Bag?

Honestly, there is no specific way to clean golf bags. And you can do it in various ways. 

Here, we are sharing the method that works in our case. In fact, we clean our golf bags following this method.

Let’s first look at the steps.

  1. Remove everything from your bag
  2. Vacuum the dirt out or wipe with dry rags
  3. Gently wash your bag with water
  4. Scrub using a clean washcloth and soap
  5. Rinse your golf bag using a hose
  6. Scrub stubborn stains using a stain remover
  7. Thoroughly rinse and shake off the water
  8. Let your golf bag dry in the shade

Each step is described in detail below.

1. Remove Everything From Your Bag

To begin with, get your bag ready for washing. For this, you need to take everything out of the bag. 

Most people overlook this step. Therefore, they leave items in their bags that shouldn’t be soaked. 

So, check all the pockets of your golf bag separately, and ensure it is completely empty.

2. Vacuum The Dirt Out Or Wipe With Dry Rags

For the second step, you have two options. If you are looking for a deep clean, a portable vacuum cleaner would be best.

Because dirt, sand, grass, and other debris can easily be sucked out of your bag using a vacuum. Take the time to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your bag. 

What if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner? In that case, we recommend you wipe out all the dirt from the bag with dry rags.

3. Gently Wash Your Bag With Water

Your bag is now ready to be washed with water. This can be done in different ways. Just make sure not to overdo the watering.

Also, consider the material of your bag when pouring water. A light spray of water from a bottle or running water under the sink is sufficient at this stage.

4. Scrub Using A Clean Washcloth And Soap

Avoid applying soap directly to your golf bag. Instead, add some warm water to a small bucket and mix mild liquid soap in it.

Now dip a washcloth into the soapy water. Then, carefully rub the dirty parts of your golf bag with the cloth.

Note: Just be careful here. It is better to use a white washcloth, but if it is colored, ensure that the cloth won’t lose its color when soaked in water.

5. Rinse Your Golf Bag Using A Hose

Rinse the bag thoroughly with clean water using a hose. Alternatively, you can place the bag under a water tap until it is fully washed. 

Next, look for stubborn stains. If you find any, follow the steps below.

6. Scrub Stubborn Stains Using A Stain Remover

Spray stain remover straight on the bag and wipe it off using a cloth. You can also use a soft brush in order to scrub effectively. Just be careful not to scratch the surface. 

Leave it alone if a stain doesn’t disappear after using the Stain Remover. There is no point in rubbing the bag excessively.

7. Thoroughly Rinse And Shake Off The Water

Once the bag is clean, rinse it with clean water to avoid stain remover sticking to it. Next, shake off excess water well. Finally, ensure that the bag has no water left in any pockets.

8. Let Your Golf Bag Dry In The Shade

Now that everything is ready, it’s time to dry your golf bag. A little caution is needed here, too. 

Even though your bag will dry out quickly if exposed to sunlight, we strongly recommend avoiding it. Because direct sunlight is likely to cause its color to fade.

Instead, let the bag dry overnight in a shady place.

When your golf bag dries, make sure all pockets are open. You can even hang it upside down if you want.

How To Clean White Golf Bags?

Golf bags come in a variety of colors and designs. However, the popularity of white golf bags has remained constant.

Although they do tend to get dirty faster than other colors, it isn’t a big deal! Because still, you can clean your white golf bags.

But is there any difference in the process when it comes to cleaning a white golf bag?

In short, no. The above method works equally well for bags of any color. With white, however, you should be extra careful.

For example, white washcloths are always better for cleaning white golf bags. Or at least, make sure the cloth doesn’t lose color when wet.

Here’s a little tip. You can use Magic Eraser. It does an excellent job at removing marks from white leather bags.

Golfer with golf stand bag
A golfer with a golf stand bag.

Tips For Keeping Your Golf Bag Clean

I am sure you have now realized that washing a golf bag is not difficult. But nevertheless, it is better to keep the bag clean than to wash it frequently.

Let me explain in more detail.

Keep Contact With The Ground To a Minimum

Obviously, it is easier to say than to do, but it can make a significant difference. In other words, the less time your bag stays on the grass, the less dirt it accumulates.

For this reason, we recommend getting a stand bag. Because only the bottom of these bags touches the ground. 

However, no matter what type of bag you choose, avoid placing it directly on the ground.

Clean Up Your Clubs

Don’t just think about the outside of your bag. Also, make sure the inside is also clean.

Dirt gathers much faster if you continuously store dirty clubs or golf balls in your bag. Therefore, clean them first before putting your clubs and wedges back in your bag.

It’s a good idea to wipe them off between swings. It’ll boost your performance while preventing grime from building up in your bag.

Choose A Waterproof Option

You may consider buying a waterproof golf bag even if you rarely play golf in rainy weather. Because these bags are usually stronger and less prone to stains. 

Furthermore, they are easier to maintain. Since you can easily wash a water-resistant bag with soapy water without damaging the material.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning A Golf Bag

Here are some questions people ask about cleaning golf bags online. We hope you find the answers helpful.

Final Thoughts On Cleaning Golf Bags

Ultimately, cleaning a golf bag is not a tough task. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can keep your golf bag looking good and performing well for an extended period.

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