How To Hang Golf Towel With Hole In Middle? Effortlessly!

How to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle

Obviously, towels keep your golf clubs and hands clean on the course. But a golf towel with a hole in the middle is way more convenient than a traditional one.

And if you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle, you’re in luck! Because in this post, we’ll cover everything.

First, let’s talk about what a golf towel can do. Yes… we mean golf towels with holes!

Why do you need golf towels?

Taking a golf towel on the course can’t go wrong. Here’s why these towels are so helpful:

  1. You want your golf clubs to be clean, right? Get rid of dirt, grass, and other stuff from your clubs with a towel.
  2. Golf towels can also help maintain the optimal performance of golf clubs. Next time… make your swing better!
  3. You can lose accuracy when you have a dirty ball. But there’s a simple fix! Keep your golf ball clean with a towel, just like you do with your clubs.
  4. Plus, there’s another benefit. You can use them to clean your hands. And if you keep your hands clean, you’ll be able to grip the club better.
  5. Ultimately, you’ll have better comfort while you swing the club. Which allows you a smoother and more controlled motion.
  6. You can sometimes use golf towels to clean your shoes or golf bag. Hey… at least you don’t have to use the towel to dry your tears after missing a shot!
  7. Last but not least, carrying a towel also helps you get rid of sweat.

And, of course, it can also be used to dry off your golf ball if you hit it into the pond!!!

Why do you need a golf towel with a hole in the middle?

Firstly, a hole in the middle allows for easy wrapping around the club or hanging from a bag or clip. It makes the towel readily accessible when needed.

Secondly, it frees up both hands for other tasks such as cleaning clubs or holding a beverage.

Thirdly, you can simply clean both clubs and hands in a single motion.

Finally, having a golf towel with a hole in the middle allows more frequent cleaning of both clubs and hands.

What do you need to hang golf towel with hole in middle?

To hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle, you will need a few things:

Golf towel with a hole in the middle: That’s no surprise! First things first, get your towel. There should be a small, circular hole in the middle of the golf towel.

Carabiner or keychain ring: Secondly, you’ll need a small clip to attach the towel to your golf bag. Carabiners and keychain rings work great for this.

Golf bag or cart: Lastly, you’ll need something to attach the towel to. So, make sure your bag or cart has a secure place to attach the clip.

How To Hang Golf Towel With Hole In Middle?

Here is a detailed guide for hanging a golf towel with a hole in the middle:

  1. Choose a suitable carabiner or golf bag clip that can securely hold the towel.
  2. Locate the hole in the center of the towel. 
  3. Insert the carabiner or clip through the hole. Now, make sure that the towel is centered on the clip.
  4. After that attach the carabiner or clip to your golf bag.
  5. Double-check that the towel is secure and won’t easily fall off. Give it a gentle tug to test its stability.
  6. Wrap the towel around the clubhead and hold it in place if you’re going to clean your club.
  7. When you are finished using the towel, return it to its hanging position on your golf bag or clip.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if the towel gets dirty or stained. Usually, you can wash it in cold water and mild detergent, then tumble dry it.

how to attach golf towel with hole in middle

How To Maintain Your Golf Towel With Hole In Middle?

You can use your golf towels for so many things and it’s not difficult to take care of them. You just have to follow these tips. 

Keep It Away From Kids: You should keep your golf towel away from young children. Because they may damage it or harm themselves while playing with it.

Clean It Up: Make sure you clean your golf towel when it gets dirty or stained. Doing this lets you maintain the fabric’s softness, absorbency, and appearance. Be careful not to wash it too much because it’ll damage the color and material.

Use A Mild Cleaner: Clean your soiled golf towel with a mild cleaner. This type of cleaner will remove all sticky residue from the fabric surface without damaging the towel.

Check Hook Strength: Before using your golf towel, ensure the hook is strong enough to keep it from slipping. It’s a good idea to hang lightweight things on it first to see if it holds up.

How do you make a hole in a golf towel?

The first thing you should do if you want to use a traditional towel as a golf towel is to make a hole in the middle. You can do this with a hole punch tool or a pair of sharp scissors. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide where you want the hole to go on the towel. Ideally, it should be somewhere in the middle.
  2. If you’re using a hole punch, place the towel on a flat surface and place it where you want the hole. To make the hole, press down firmly on the punch.
  3. If you’re using scissors, fold the towel in half. By doing so, you can see where you want the hole. At the center of the spot, make a small incision with scissors. After that, slowly cut around the incision in a circular motion.
  4. Using a carabiner or keychain ring, you can hang the towel from your golf bag or cart. Don’t forget to do a little victory dance after you hang the towel – it’s sure to draw some attention from your golfing buddies!!

Be careful when using scissors and don’t get hurt. To protect your hands and work surface, wear gloves or use a cutting mat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Towel With Hole In Middle

As you can see, a golf towel is just as essential as a golf umbrella for golfers.

Now, you know how to hang a golf towel with a hole in the middle. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions asked about golf towels on the Internet.

What is a Golf Towel with a Hole in the Middle?

A golf towel with a hole in the middle is designed for use on the course. There’s a hole in the middle of the towel, so you can hang it from a golf bag or attach it to a golf cart.

Also, it’s easy to wrap around golf club heads for hands-free cleaning. They usually come in various colors and styles and are made of soft, absorbent materials.

Why is there a hole in a golf towel?

A hole in a golf towel serves as an opening in the middle of the towel. This makes wrapping around a golf club or hanging from a bag easy.

When needed, the towel is easily accessible thanks to this design.

How do you use a golf towel with a hole in the center?

A golf towel with a hole in the center can be used by looping it through the hole. After that, you can either hang it from your golf bag or clip it to your belt or pocket.

You can also wrap it around the club head for hands-free cleaning.

Overall, a golf towel with a hole in the center provides convenience, accessibility, and functionality on the course.

Final thoughts on attaching a golf bag towel

You can see that attaching your golf towel to your bag or golf cart doesn’t require too much effort. And you just made your life easier if you have a golf towel with a hole in the middle.

How do you hang a golf towel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy playing golf!

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