How To Make Golf Bag Tubes? 1 Simple DIY Hack!

how to make golf bag tubes

Most golf bags today have partitions for clubs. But what if your bag doesn’t have one?

Well… in that case, you can make your own golf bag tubes. Just don’t stress yourself, the process is pretty straightforward.

In this post, we’ll explain how to make golf bag tubes, along with tips for maintaining them. Apart from that, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using such tubes.

Let’s start by talking about golf bag tubes and their types.

What Are golf bag tubes?

Golf bag tubes keep your golf clubs safe during transit with their long, cylindrical shape.

In a golf bag, these tubes are usually placed in the center, with the heads of your golf clubs facing up and the shafts facing down. 

So basically, golf bag tubes are designed to provide a cushioning effect to help absorb some of the shocks and bumps that can occur during transport.

By doing so, you can keep your clubs safe and secure, and also reduce the wear and tear on the bag itself. 

The other way around, golf bag tubes are like a big hug for your clubs!

Types of golf bag tubes

In terms of golf bag tubes, there are two main types: soft and hard.

Soft golf bag tubes: Most soft tubes are made of fabric or PVC with drawstring closures, which keeps them lightweight and easily portable.

Hard golf bag tubes: These are usually aluminum or plastic tubes with snap-fit or screw-on lids. While hard tubes are more protective, they’re heavier and more difficult to transport.

Choosing the right type of golf bag tube is similar to choosing the right suitcase for a trip.

Ensure that they are strong enough to protect your clubs and big enough to fit all the items you need, but not too heavy to carry.

Why do you need golf bag tubes?

The materials needed to make a golf bag tube are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Plus, you can customize the size and shape of the tube to suit your needs. 

It is, therefore, an inexpensive and efficient way to store your golf clubs. So, why not take advantage of this cost-effective, custom-made solution to your golf bag storage dilemma?

What do you need to make golf bag tubes?

Here is a list of materials you will need to make a golf bag tube:

  1. PVC pipe
  2. End caps
  3. Glue
  4. Hacksaw
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Vinyl wrap or paint (optional)

How To Make Golf Bag Tubes?

Here are the basic steps to make a golf bag tube:

  1. Cut the PVC pipe: Measure and mark the length of the tube that you need based on the length of your golf clubs. Then, cut the PVC pipe to size with a hacksaw.
  2. Sand the edges: Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges from the cut pipe.
  3. Apply glue to end caps: Apply a liberal amount of glue to the inside of each end cap.
  4. Attach end caps: Place one end cap on each end of the PVC pipe and press firmly to ensure a tight seal.
  5. Allow the glue to dry: Let the glue dry completely, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Test fit: Test the fit of the golf clubs in the tube to make sure they fit snugly and are protected.
  7. Decorate (optional): If desired, decorate the tube with vinyl wrap or paint to add a personal touch.

There you have it, a step-by-step guide to making your own golf bag tubes.

How To Maintain Your Golf Bag Tubes?

Proper maintenance of golf bag tubes will ensure that your clubs remain in good condition for many years.

So, take care of your golf bag tubes to preserve the longevity and quality of golf clubs. Just make sure you never store them in the fridge, because that’s where the beer goes!

Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Invest in good materials

Using high-quality materials is essential when making golf bag tubes. This will keep them in perfect condition and make them last longer.

However, investing in top-quality materials can also be expensive at times. So, you need to weigh the pros and cons of investing in good materials versus cheaper materials that may not last as long.

2. Avoid overstuffing

Deformities can happen if you overfill golf bag tubes. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you don’t pack too much into one tube and distribute the weight evenly.

When golf bags are overfilled, they can become too heavy and the clubs can become misshapen. That can cause the clubs to hit the ball improperly, resulting in poor shots.

Additionally, overfilling can also strain the fabric of the bag, causing damage and wear over time.

3. Properly store golf tubes

Ensure golf tubes aren’t left in your golf bag when you are not playing. But don’t keep them in a damp environment.

The preferred storage place for tubes would be a dry, low-moisture area. As a result, your golf clubs won’t rust.

4. Keep your golf tubes clean

In the end, you need to clean your club periodically. If you do this, your tubes will definitely stay in better condition. After all, a clean golf tube is a happy golf tube!

This is how you should take care of your golf bag tubes. If you want, you may read our previous post on how to clean a golf bag.

advantages of using golf bag tubes
Golf bag tubes offer many advantages.

What are the advantages of using golf bag tubes?

Now that you know how to make golf bag tubes, let’s look at their advantages.

Honestly, golf bag tubes have a number of benefits. First of all, they’re great for transporting your clubs without ever having to worry about them getting lost in the back of a cab!

Now, read on and find out why you should start using them.

1. Protect Your Golf Clubs

You can avoid hitting your clubs against each other by keeping them in golf tubes. Because these tubes are designed to keep your clubs separated and protected from impacts that might cause them to bend or break.

They also shield your clubs from dirt and moisture, which can damage the materials over time. But golf tubes won’t protect them from your terrible golf swings!

2. Protect Your Golf Bag

Golf bags can wear out when clubs rub against them. Also, the bag may deform or stretch out of shape over time. Looking for a solution?

It’s simple, use golf bag tubes! Because these tubes prevent your clubs from touching the bag’s fabric directly.

The tubes act as a barrier between the clubs and the bag’s material, helping to protect the bag from wear and tear.

They also keep the clubs from shifting around inside the bag, reducing the risk of the bag stretching out of shape due to the weight of the clubs inside.

3. Find The Right Golf Club Easily

Do you spend most of the time looking for the right club in a golf match? Then organize your clubs with golf tubes. So you don’t have to search for them.

The ideal way to organize golf clubs is from left to right by height. Make sure the smallest ones, such as wedges, are on the right side of your bag.

There may already be a slot in your golf bag for your putter. If not, they can go somewhere to the right as well.

In addition, grouping them by material is a smart idea. For example, you should keep your wood together, and follow the same rule for other clubs.

4. Easily Identify Missing Golf Clubs

You can not only organize your golf clubs better with golf bag tubes, but you can also spot missing clubs with ease.

This is because the golf bag tubes clearly separate each club and make them easier to identify.

It allows you to quickly figure out which club is missing or misplaced if it is not in its designated tube.

5. Carrying Your Golf Clubs Becomes Easier

On most courses, golfers with carts can easily carry their golf bags. Otherwise, they have to carry their golf bag stands and golf bags around the course.

Walking with golf bag stands in hand and golf bags on your shoulders can be exhausting sometimes, especially if you’re doing so for long periods of time.

In these situations, golf bag tubes can come in handy. When you use golf bag tubes, you don’t have to worry about clubs constantly bumping into you.

This is useful, in particular, if you use a stand bag. For instance, when walking up a hill you may feel the weight of your clubs pulling you back, but if you use golf bag tubes, you can walk with the clubs at a comfortable angle.

6. Travelling with your golf clubs becomes easier

Golf bag tubes are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for golfers who travel frequently.

Furthermore, the hard shell of the tube provides protection for the clubs, ensuring that they stay safe during transport.

But don’t forget to make sure that the clubs don’t outgrow the tube.

7. Golf Bag Tubes Are Customizable

Your golf bag tubes can also be customized to fit the exact number of clubs needed. This allows for a more streamlined bag, as you can make sure the bag doesn’t get bulky with extra clubs that you don’t need.

It also ensures that your clubs are organized and protected from damage, as the tubes offer extra cushioning and padding.

Additionally, this helps keep your clubs in pristine condition, so you can maximize their lifespan and performance.

8. Golf Bag Tubes Are Affordable

The coolest thing about golf tubes is that anyone can make such tubes, no matter how much money they have.

Also, you can get the required materials at your local hardware store.

This means that everyone has the chance to make their own golf tubes without breaking the bank!

What are the Drawbacks of using golf bag tubes?

Transporting and protecting golf clubs can be made easier with golf bag tubes. However, there are some drawbacks as well.

For example, some golfers might not like golf bag tubes due to limited space and added weight.

So before choosing a golf bag tube, weigh the pros and cons. Don’t worry! Here’s what you need to know.

1. Limited space

Golf bag tubes typically only have enough room for a limited number of clubs. So it may not be suitable for golfers with a larger set.

2. Added weight

The added weight of a golf bag tube can make carrying a golf bag more difficult. Especially for older players or those with less physical fitness.

3. Bulky size

These tubes can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Sometimes, this makes it difficult to store or transport them.

4. Limited protection

Definitely golf bag tubes offer some protection for clubs. But they may not be as durable as other club protection options. And may not provide enough protection in the event of severe impact or damage.

5. Increased cost

These tubes are often sold as separate items. Which can be an added expense for golfers who already have a full set of clubs and a golf bag.

What are the alternatives to golf bag tubes?

You’re confused now that you’ve read about the drawbacks? Okay, don’t worry. You still have some alternatives. Here are a few of them to make your life easier!

1. Hard-shell golf club travel cases:

Clubs are better protected during travel when they are in hard-shell cases. Unlike golf bag tubes, they often have foam padding to absorb shocks.

2. Soft-sided golf club travel bags:

They are usually made of soft materials and are more affordable and lighter than hard-shell cases. Even though they may not offer as much protection as hard-shell cases, they are still a good option for less expensive clubs or shorter trips.

3. Club covers:

Club covers protect individual clubs during transport by slipping over their heads. Most of them are lightweight, compact, and made of soft materials.

4. Travel bags for golf bags:

They hold a golf bag and protect your clubs while you travel. There are usually wheels and a handle so they’re easy to move.

5. Clubhead covers:

During transportation, clubhead covers protect clubs from scratches and damage. You can get them in a variety of materials and styles.

Ultimately, the right alternative to a golf bag tube will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Final thoughts on making golf bag tubes

In the end, there should be no confusion about how to make a golf bag tube. Right?

Just think before you start making one. Obviously, these tubes can come in handy, but not without a few challenges.

If you have decided to make golf bag tubes, get started now. What’s stopping you? It’s no secret, cheers!

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