How To Reset Golf Cart Battery Meter? – 1 simple solution And Tips For Troubleshooting

How To Reset Golf Cart Battery Meter

Are you wondering how to reset your golf cart battery meter? Honestly, it’s not that difficult, and that’s what we’ll discuss today.

But first, let’s understand how golf cart battery meters work and find out when you have no choice but to reset your meter.

Later on, we’ll also talk about what you should do if resetting the meter doesn’t resolve your issue, and share a few golf cart battery meter troubleshooting tips.

What Is a Golf Cart Battery Meter?

A golf cart battery meter shows you how much power is left in the battery. In some cases, knowing this can be useful. Because you can maintain your batteries well by keeping track of the battery level.

Let me explain a little. If you continuously discharge your batteries below 20%, you are probably doing it wrong. Due to this, they may wear out quicker than expected over time.

This is where a golf cart battery meter comes in handy! Since you know when the battery is running low, you won’t drain them to zero. 

Types Of Golf Cart Battery Meter

The golf cart battery meters can be divided into two types. Those are:

  • Analog Meter
  • Digital Mater

Analog Battery Meter: These meters are typically found on older carts. However, some less costly models may feature them as well. 

An analog meter operates quite simply. It shows the level of charge with a needle. There are two basic signs: E (on the left) and F (on the right). E means empty, while F refers to full.

Digital Battery Mater: Digital meters come in different varieties, but they all have one common feature – a small LED display. Today, most golf carts have a digital meter.

In some meters, multiple light bars show the charge level. There are typically 10 bars, each representing 10% of the battery’s charge. Also, some meters indicate battery power as a percentage (in numbers).

Analog and digital golf cart battery meter
Analog and digital golf cart battery meter.

When Should You Reset Your Golf Cart Battery Meter?

You might need to reset the battery meter if you feel its readings are inaccurate. Usually, resetting will resolve the problem. Or, it may be a temporary error that will be fixed automatically after the next charging cycle.

But if your meter indicates that your cart is fully charged, even after running for a while, you should reset it. The instructions below should get you started.

How to Reset Golf Cart Battery Meter?

To reset your golf cart battery meter, simply follow these three steps.

  1. To begin with, disconnect the battery meter from your battery pack.
  2. Then, charge your golf cart batteries fully.
  3. After charging, reconnect the battery meter and keep it connected.

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. If not, then repeat the process for another charge cycle.

Even then, if the battery meter cannot be reset, have it checked by a professional.

What If Resetting The Golf Cart Battery Meter Doesn’t Work?

Sadly, resetting your battery meter won’t always work. However, you do not have to install a new battery meter immediately.

The first step is to troubleshoot your meter for potential problems. After that, you can decide whether to call a technician or buy a new one.

Now, let’s learn how to troubleshoot golf cart battery meters. Later, I’ll discuss how to install a new battery meter on your golf cart.

Golf Cart Battery Meter Troubleshooting

Although golf cart battery meters are useful devices, they can sometimes be troublesome. If this happens, you can try troubleshooting your golf cart battery meter.

Below you will find a list of some of the more common problems you may encounter with your battery meter and how to fix them:

1. Flashing Or Blinking Battery Meter

Occasionally, the battery meter may start flashing or blinking. If this occurs, there is definitely a problem with receiving power. It indicates your meter cannot get enough power from the batteries to function properly.

The number of flashes can vary, so there isn’t one solution that fits all. As a starting point, I recommend reading the owner’s manual for specific instructions. If you can’t figure it out, consult a technician.

2. Golf Cart Batteries Fail To Charge And The Meter Flashes

In case the batteries are no longer able to hold a charge, you will see the golf cart meter flashing. The two possible reasons are as follows.

1. Your golf cart charger is malfunctioning.
2. Your batteries are faulty.

In order to pinpoint the exact problem, try another charger first, if possible. Then check your batteries, if the problem continues. In that case, a voltmeter will be needed.

3. Fully Charged Battery But Meter Flashes Multiple Times

The battery meter may continue to flash even if your batteries have been charged fully and the golf cart runs normally. 

Faulty wiring in your battery meter is most likely to blame for this problem. To resolve the issue, you can do either of the following.

1. Get the meter fixed by an electrician.
2. Replace the battery meter with a new one.

4. Fully Charged Battery But Meter Shows Empty

This could be another issue for you. No matter how long you charge your batteries, the meter indicates empty ones.

Perhaps your batteries are incorrectly wired. If so, I recommend consulting a technician.

In the worst scenario, if your cart fails to start, you can try to bypass the solenoid on your golf cart.

Installing A New Battery Meter On Your Golf Cart

So far, we have discussed how to reset your golf cart battery meter and shared golf cart battery meter troubleshooting tips. But if, resetting the battery meter and troubleshooting it doesn’t work?

Well then, you’ll have no option but to buy a new one. And when buying, make sure the new meter is compatible with the battery voltage of your golf cart.

The installation of a golf cart battery meter should be done carefully. I recommend hiring a professional to help you with this. Still, let’s see how the process works.

Safety Concerns Before Starting Installation

  • Keep your eyes protected by wearing safety goggles.
  • Make sure you wear gloves to avoid getting shocked.
  • Be careful when handling power tools so that you don’t get injured.
  • Put on comfortable shirts and pants.

Installation Process

Here are the steps you need to follow. Depending on the model of your cart, you may need to change them slightly, but these methods should work for most of the carts available today.

  • To begin with, turn off the cart and disconnect the battery to avoid shocks.
  • As a second step, identify the wires connecting the old meter inside your dashboard.
  • Once the identification is complete, remove these wires carefully from your old meter.
  • Then, replace the old meter with your new one, utilizing the appropriate connecting elements.
  • To prepare them for installation, use the vice grips to crimp the ends of your wires.
  • Now, you will need wire strippers to strip the terminals and any wires connecting to the brand-new meter.
  • Ensure that the butt connectors are properly attached to ground these wires.
  • If there is an extra wire set inside the wiring harness, connect them to the ones you prepared.
  • As a result of all these steps, your battery should display 48-51 volts at full charge.
  • Check the wiring diagram and connect the signal terminal wire to the ignition switch.
  • After that, make sure the battery gauge is grounded by attaching a jumper from the ignition switch to the tab.
  • To finish, connect the battery cables to the meter by making sure the positive and negative terminals are attached properly.

Tips For Reading Analog Golf Cart Battery Meters (36-Volt Or 48-Volt)

Both 36 and 48-volt battery meters function the same way and have similar zones to indicate the state of charge. Earlier I mentioned the E and F zones, but there are four in total. Those are (from left to right):

1. E ( Red Zone)
2. F (Green Zone)
3. CHG (White Zone)
4. Red Zone on the far right

Let me now explain each in more detail.

E: The needle on the battery meter will be in the red area labeled E if the golf cart batteries are low on charge or empty.

F: This green zone indicates that your batteries have enough power and you can move around with your golf cart.

CHG: The white area marked CHG means that your batteries are fully charged.

Red Zone right next to CHG: If the meter needle is in this red area, be cautious. It signals overcharged batteries.

Final Thoughts on Golf Cart Battery Meter Reset

Hopefully, after reading this post, you have a better understanding of golf cart battery meters. But if you want to know more, simply leave a comment below. Our Golf Reply team will be happy to answer your questions.

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  1. After replacing my EzGo batteries, my old charger worked fine for about a week. Then I started getting double red blink “battery voltage fault”. I bought a NEW charger and it would charge but the cart gauge went into the RED “overcharge” zone and would not shut off.
    I fully cleaned all connections and tested all batteries at 8+ volts and in series 48.8 volts. Can there be a wiring ISSUE with cart or some other explanation.

    Thank you
    Phil G

    1. Hi Philip!

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Finding the actual reason behind the problem can be difficult. Therefore, we suggest consulting a technician.

      Thank you.

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