Pros And Cons Of Lifting A Golf Cart (7 Interesting Facts)

pros and cons of lifting a golf cart

Many of us think of a lifted golf cart. But before you lift your cart, consider its pros and cons.

This blog post covers all these facts. Later on, we’ll also discuss how to stabilize a lifted golf cart and make a smoother ride.

Let’s start by explaining what a lifted golf cart is and whether they are allowed on golf courses.

What is a lifted golf cart?

A lifted golf cart is one that has been modified by adding a lift kit to raise its chassis height and increase ground clearance.

This modification can transform the golf cart into an off-road vehicle. So that you can drive over rough terrain and obstacles.

A lifted golf cart may also have larger tires and a modified suspension system to improve its off-road capabilities further.

But let’s be real, it’s still a golf cart, so don’t expect to go mudding with it!

Make sure you have some extra cash for this upgrade. After all, golf carts can be quite expensive. Your expenses go up if you lift your one.

Are lifted golf carts allowed on golf courses?

In general, golf courses do not allow lifted golf carts. Because lifted golf carts tend to pose some safety concerns. Besides, they use all-terrain tires. These can damage the grass.

Actually, it depends on the specific rules and regulations of each golf course. Some courses allow lifted golf carts with certain modifications, while others do not allow them at all.

We suggest checking with golf course management before driving a lifted golf cart on the course.

Pros and cons of lifting a golf cart

Before you lift your cart, you should know the pros and cons of lifting a golf cart. On the upside, you’ll look really cool driving a golf cart with monster truck wheels. But on the downside, you’ll have to explain why you did it to everyone you meet.

Pros of lifting a golf cart:

The question is what are the advantages of a lifted golf cart? And we have the answer for you!

So, let’s explore the benefits of lifted golf carts.

1. Increased ground clearance: Lifting a golf cart will increase the distance between the cart’s undercarriage and the ground. This can be beneficial when driving on uneven surfaces.

2. Improved off-road capabilities: Lifting a golf cart can make it easier to drive on rough terrains. Hilly roads or gravel roads are no problem.

3. Enhanced appearance: Lifting a golf cart can give it a more customized and sporty look. Without a doubt, it’s attractive to many golf cart owners.

4. Better suspension: By installing larger tires and a lift kit, a golf cart can have improved suspension, providing a smoother ride.

5. Improved traction and balance: Lifted golf carts often have larger wheels and tires. Which can provide better traction and balance.

6. Better visibility: By sitting higher up, the driver can have better visibility and view of their surroundings.

7. Unique style: Lifted golf carts are becoming increasingly popular, and they can provide a unique look and style to your vehicle.

Cons of lifting a golf cart:

Lifting a golf cart also has some cons. Read it out first, then decide if the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

Here’s a detailed explanation.

1. Higher center of gravity: Lifting a golf cart raises its center of gravity. This can make it riskier when making sharp turns or driving on slopes.

2. More difficult to drive: The higher center of gravity and larger tires can make a lifted golf cart harder to maneuver and control. Especially for inexperienced drivers.

3. Reduced battery life: The added weight of the lift kit and larger tires can drain your cart’s battery faster. So, it may have a negative impact on the lifespan of golf cart batteries.

4. A higher cost: Lifting a golf cart is expensive. Costs increase if you opt for a more extensive lift kit or professional installation.

5. Increased risk of tipping: Lifted golf carts are more prone to tipping over. In particular, when driving on uneven terrain.

6. More strain on the motor: Lifting a golf cart can add extra weight to the vehicle, putting more strain on the battery and motor.

7. Can be illegal: Depending on where you live, lifted golf carts may not be legal to use on public roads or in certain areas.

Clearly, modifications to your golf cart have advantages and disadvantages – whether you lift it or remove the speed limiter from your golf cart. So, take your time before making a decision.

Is it worth lifting a golf cart?

Whether lifting a golf cart is worth it depends on your intended use for the cart. If you plan on using the cart primarily for golfing, then lifting it may not be necessary or worth the investment.

Golf courses typically do not allow lifted carts on the course. Because they can damage the turf and pose a safety risk.

But if you intend to use the golf cart for off-road purposes or as a recreational vehicle, lifting it may be worth it to increase its performance.

Additionally, a lifted cart can provide a more unique and customized look. Some owners may find this appealing.

Overall, whether lifting a golf cart is worth it depends on your intended use and personal preferences.

How to stabilize a lifted golf cart?

If you ever ask yourself how do I make my lifted golf cart more stable? No worries, just fill the tires with helium and it will float in the air like a balloon!

Let’s put jokes aside! You can stabilize a lifted golf cart by following these steps:

Install a wider wheelbase: Increasing the distance between the wheels of your golf cart will make it more stable.

Upgrade the suspension: Consider upgrading your golf cart’s suspension system to improve its handling and stability. Tipovers can be prevented with stiffer suspensions.

Lower the center of gravity: You can stabilize your golf cart by lowering the center of gravity. Add weight to the bottom of the cart or lower the seats.

Use wider and larger tires: Wider and larger tires provide better traction and stability. Additionally, they’ll help distribute the cart’s weight more evenly, making it more stable.

Add a roll cage: Roll cages can help protect you in a rollover. As a bonus, it can help the cart be more stable.

Drive cautiously: Make sure you drive at a safe speed and pay attention to the terrain. Avoid sharp turns and hills that might tip the golf cart.

This is how to stabilize a lifted golf cart. Surely you understand, don’t you?

Last but not least, make sure your golf cart is properly charged and check the battery meter often. If you get a wrong reading, try resetting your golf cart battery meter.

Do lifted golf carts ride rough?

Lifted golf carts may ride rougher than non-lifted golf carts due to the modification of the suspension and the larger tires.

High-quality shock absorbers and suspension components can help. You should also ensure proper tire inflation and alignment.

In addition, the type of terrain you drive on can also affect how smooth the ride is.

How to make a lifted golf cart ride smoother?

You want your lifted golf cart to ride more smoothly. There are a few ways to make a lifted golf cart ride smoother:

Install a suspension lift kit: A suspension lift kit can absorb shocks and vibrations while driving. Thus, you have a smoother ride.

Upgrade to better shocks: Upgrading to high-quality shocks can also help improve the ride of a lifted golf cart by reducing bouncing and shaking.

Install larger tires: Larger tires with a lower profile can improve the ride of a lifted golf cart by reducing the amount of bouncing and jarring.

Use tire inserts: Tire inserts, such as foam-filled or airless tires, can help absorb shock. They provide a smoother ride.

Adjust tire pressure: Proper tire pressure can also affect the ride of a lifted golf cart. Therefore, set the tire pressure based on the size and type of tires you are using.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, you must maintain your cart regularly. For example, never let golf cart batteries run out of water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifting A Golf Cart

Now that you understand the pros and cons of lifting a golf cart, you can make an informed decision.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions online.

What is the best golf cart lift height?

The best golf cart lift height depends on the cart’s purpose. A lift height of 6-8 inches is recommended for those who want to use their lifted golf cart off-road. Rough terrain and obstacles are no problem with this height.

But if you’re mostly using your golf cart on the golf course or light off-roading, 3-4 inches is usually plenty. The lower lift height keeps the vehicle stable and smoother while still allowing for more ground clearance.

Ultimately, the lift height should be chosen based on the intended use and personal preference of the owner.

How much does a lifted golf cart weigh?

On average, a lifted golf cart weighs between 800 and 1200 pounds. The weight varies depending on the type of lift kit and other modifications

Lift kits and other modifications add weight to golf carts. This can impact its performance.

How much psi is in a lifted golf cart tire?

As a general guideline, most lifted golf cart tires require a PSI (pounds per square inch) range of 20-30.

Actually, tire pressures for lifted golf carts vary according to tire type and size. The manufacturer’s recommendations are the best for specific tires.

Be careful not to overinflate or underinflate your tires. Because it can affect the performance and safety of your golf cart.

why put a lift kit on a golf cart?

A lift kit is installed on a golf cart to raise the ground clearance. This allows your cart to traverse rough terrain and obstacles.

Thus, you can use a lifted golf cart for off-road purposes such as hunting, camping, or simply exploring nature trails.

The lift kit also provides space for larger and more durable tires. This further improves the off-road capabilities of the golf cart.

Additionally, a lifted golf cart provides an attractive look and can be customized with additional features such as headlights, tail lights, and upgraded sound systems.

Do lifted golf carts flip easily?

Lifted golf carts can potentially flip more easily than non-lifted carts if they are driven improperly or on uneven terrain. 

The higher center of gravity and increased ground clearance can make the cart more top-heavy. This increases the risk of flipping.

But if the cart is driven responsibly and on appropriate terrain, the risk of flipping is relatively low. 

It is important to note that modifying a golf cart with a lift kit may void the manufacturer’s warranty. Because of that, maintenance costs can go up.

Final Thoughts on Lifting A Golf Cart

What’s your decision after reading this whole thing? Are you ready to lift your golf cart? Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty lifted already!

Think about your needs and make a choice. Enjoy your game.

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